aliasedit - tool for editing email aliases


    aliasedit add <alias> <user>
    aliasedit add <user> <forwarding address>
    aliasedit modify <alias> <user>
    aliasedit modify <user> <forwarding address>
    aliasedit delete <alias>
    aliasedit list <user1> <user2> <user3> ...


    --seperator=<field seperator> (default: ' ')
    --seperator2=<alias seperator> (default: \n)


    aliasedit works with the table of email aliases, /etc/aliases.
    It can be used to add, remove, modify, or list aliases from this file.

    After using aliasedit, the aliases database can be regenerated using
    the newaliases command.

    The commands can all be abbreviated.

    When the list command is used, the first entry returned is the final
    destination to which mail goes.  If this is not in the /etc/password
    file, a warning is printed to stderr.

    The seperator options allow specification of the field seperator
    between aliases for a given a account, and between several accounts.

    The --aliases option allows specification of an alternative file
    to /etc/aliases.  An equivalent way to use this option is to set
    the environment variable ALIASEDIT to the desired file.

    In order for aliasedit to be compatible with the sudo(8) command,
    the --aliases option can't be used when aliasedit is run by root.
    This ensures that when 'sudo aliasedit' is invoked, the only file
    which can be modified is /etc/aliases (and the log file).

    Note that if /etc/aliases is a symbolic link, then the log file
    will be in the same directory as the actual aliases file.


    Send all mail for bob to user012
        aliasedit add bob user012
        aliasedit a bob user012
    List the aliases for sue
        aliasedit l sue 
    List the aliases for joe, sue and bob
        aliasedit list joe sue bob
    Delete the alias bob
        aliasedit del bob
    Forward a copy of user012's mail to
        aliasedit add user012 user012,
    Forward all of user012's mail to
        aliasedit add user012
    Remove the forwarding that was done above
        aliasedit del user012




     Brian Duggan, OVEN Digital